MakeUp Life Hacks for Students

Make-up remains a kind of art, even if the daily routine of its creation does not seem to us close to something sophisticated. When being in a hurry, you may not get a masterpiece on your face, but certain tricks will allow you to have your makeup more beautiful and of better quality, as well as spend much less time on the whole process.

Massage before applying makeup

Some professional makeup artists massage models before applying makeup. Thanks to this technique, cosmetics fit much better, and morning swelling also goes away. Cleanse your skin, apply a moisturizer and massage your face in circular motions for at least half a minute.

Universal BB-cream

For the first time, BB-cream appeared in Asia and made a splash precisely as a remedy. Doctors noted it perfectly removed irritation, redness, and also healed scars and traces of postoperative intervention. Since then, it has gained immense popularity in all corners of the world as a great alternative to a thick foundation. Besides, this product not only hides skin imperfections but also nourishes and moisturizes the skin. The fact is there are small reflective particles in the BB-cream formula, which help to hide defects. Also, due to its medicinal properties, the product relieves discomfort and makes the skin smoother and more tender.

Multifunctional blush

Designed to give your face a fresher, healthier look, blush can help you complete your image. Depending on whether they are crumbly or creamy, you can use them as an eyeshadow or as a light lipstick. This makes it very easy to create a stylish, complementary look that will only take you a few minutes. It is also worth noting many brands have already taken advantage of this idea for a long time, creating a variety of tints for the face. No need to spend a lot of money on buying several makeup products anymore! Instead, you can order homework and get a high grade for it. Just ask your groupmates: “Who can do my essay?” Or you may find a writing service on the web. But read the reviews first!

Make your eyebrows look natural

Over the past couple of years, beautiful eyebrows have acquired the status of a kind of beauty cult, and eyebrow gel has become an element of a basic cosmetic bag. But not for everyone. And not everyone has this tool always at hand. It can be replaced with a transparent lip balm, with which it is easy to gently smooth the hairs of the eyebrows. You can also use a hairspray - by sprinkling it on a clean mascara brush and running it along the arches of the eyebrows, you can give them the desired shape and fix it.

Refined lash curl

If you use an eyelash curler, but it takes you a long time to curl your eyelashes sufficiently, preheat the curler with a stream of hot air from a hairdryer, or simply in your hands. A warm tool will give your lashes the desired curve much faster. We all know how important the speed is for a student who has lots of tasks to do. You can save some time not only using makeup life hacks, but also due to making less effort when studying. Thus,
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Follow these recommendations and feel a goddess! Don’t forget to keep your makeup brushes clean, wash them at least once a week in warm water and baby shampoo. Revisit your cosmetic bag every six months and throw away expired products. And, of course, smile more often! A smile makes you beautiful without any makeup.