Makeup Workshop Mania!

Just the other week, I had the pleasure of working alongside some very talented makeup artists teaching a wonderful workshop for students who are aspiring to get into the industry.

It was a very exciting day, with lots of demos and teaching techniques I have never even heard of! I had no idea it was possible to even change your bone structure with highlighting and contouring. That is crazy!

There were demonstrations by the seasoned artists, and then the students had to apply their new found knowledge to their models. There was lots of chatter amongst the ladies and the few men that were there. From chatting about their favorite restaurants, the weather, to their favorite new workouts. Some workouts I had heard of, like Zumba and hot yoga, and some were even into crossfit. It seems like hardcore workouts are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Just look at all of the fitness accounts on Instagram with hundreds of thousands of followers!

I was astounded by the amount of makeup products each of the seasoned and or aspiring artists had. So many colors, interesting packaging styles, and many many weird looking brushes! I don’t know how they keep up with all of their tools. Even the storage solutions were very intriguing, like the Sherrieblossom Icebox organizers that were completely clear so you can see exactly what products were where, and showed off each product’s unique packaging beautifully.

It was very interesting, because as a man, I never mess with this makeup stuff. I literally shower and go. It is amazing what these talented artists can do with some brushes and product. The transformations in the classroom were amazing, and it makes me appreciate the whole process of it a lot more.

Check out one of the makeup artist’s pinterest page here.


A transformation done with makeup… amazing!

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