Real Estate Headshots

Since becoming a photographer, I have shot many friends and family members. I have been very blessed that word has gotten out about my side hobby quite quick! I am thankful for having such awesome and amazing people in my life.

I had the joy of shooting an old friend who haven’t seen in years, Melissa. She was getting new headshots done for her website, . She told me she is trying to be the top real estate agent for Mississauga , but wouldn’t mind being the top real estate agent for Brampton either.

She was also mentioning to me how in 2014, her goal was to lose about 50lbs. She did so by adding a regular exercise routine to her everyday schedule, and eating a healthier diet. She did say that she had some help with the diet part, as she found that she was overeating, and that was a big problem for her goal of losing weight. She said she tried many different supplements, but found that saffron extract worked best for her, as not only did she see a difference in her appetite, but she found she was in a better mood every day and had more energy. She suggested this website which has information on , which is where she originally learned about it.

This was my first time shooting headshots, so it was a bit difficult. I prefer to work with natural light, but with headshots, it has a very ‘studio’ feel to it, especially these professional ones. I had to purchase a backdrop and some brand new lighting. I had to fidget to get the lighting right at first. Hopefully this is a skill that I can pick up quickly! The shooting is quite simple, I just personally found setting up the lights was difficult.

I think we got some great shots, and I can’t wait to show you all how they turn out! For now, here is a sneak peak of the setup;


If you are looking for a new real estate agent, you can find Melissa on the following social medias:




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